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Discount Card

Get now your bonus card for additional gifts and offers all year long !!!

The bonus card can be yours, free, with any purchase over 19 € .This way you are entitled to higher discounts, twice as many loyalty points through our online store and total discount on all your purchases whether made online or in our stores in Ioannina and Larissa.

The percentage of total discount increases by summing the total amount of purchases, from the first purchase with the card, according to the following table:

  •     Regular member: 19 € - 100 €   Immediate discount and double loyalty points.
  •     Premium member: 101 € - 300 €   Immediate discount,double loyalty points & extra coupon -1 €                                                                                                                 (-4%), per 25 euro spent, for your next purchase.
  •     Elite member: 301 € - 800 €  Immediate discount,double loyalty points & extra coupon -2 € (-8%)per                                                                                                25 euro spent, for your next purchase.
  •     Silver member: 801 € - 1500 €  Immediate discount,double loyalty points & extra coupon -4 € (-16%),                                                                                                    per 25 euro spent, for your next purchase.
  •     Gold member: 1501€ and over  Immediate discount,double loyalty points & extra coupon -6 €                                                                                                                  (-24%), per 25 euro spent, for your next purchase.

In addition of all the above privileges, card holders receive sms or newsletter with unique secret deals to targeted products.

As shown above this unique privileges system obviously combines for you, the  profit from all the individual orders,from the total of all purchases made, from special offers but mainly rewards you more, as the trust you develop with us,grows.

Thank you for your interest in our discount system and we invite you to take advantage of it, for your optimal profit, by getting your discount card today!!!