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Our sales system

Our discount system, as shown in detail below, includes 9 + 1 ways to ensure that the customers get the lowest prices nationwide.

1) Direct discounts up to - 45% of the retail price. See all offers here.

2) Increased profit for increased quantities per product (Bulk product sales).

3) Flash sales up to -65% on selected products.

4) Useful product packages (product bundles) with extra gifts or discount. 

5) Reward points for cashing in FREE products in next order.

6) Extra bonus points for holders of our Discount Card. Read more.

7) Covert offers by newsletter, exclusively for registered members.Register here.

8) Special discount prices for professionals, after registration as wholesale customers.

9) Discount coupon up to -10% for product evaluation after purchase. (Review discount coupon).

+1) Free shipping on all our products

As it is evident,our unique privileges system,combines for you the gain of each individual order,with this of total purchases thus developing a solid relationship of trust and mutual profit (win-win), between us.

Thank you for your interest in our discount system and we urge you to take advantage of it for your maximum profit.